Soil, Cement Testing Equipments

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We offer number of Soil testing equipments and Cement Testing Equipments to our clients, which are made as per IS, ASTM & BS standards. All the products are checked for their performance and superior quality before they are sent at the clients end. Some of the equipments we offer in this category include:

Apparatus for Soil Density Determination: (Core Cutter Method)
The equipments is made as per BS 1377 standards and is used for determining dry density of natural and compacted fine grained soil. We can also calculate weight, density, moisture of the soil with the help of this instrument.

Field Density Test Apparatus:
The equipment is made as per BS: 1377, 1924 standards and is used to determine the dry density of in-situ soils. Our equipment consists of following things:

. Sand pouring Cylinder
. Calibrating Container
. Metal Tray

Sand Pouring Cylinder. Sand Cone Method. Triaxial Apparatus Triaxial Cell .
Cone Penetrometer. Shrinkage Limit. Plastic Limit.
Sieve Shaker. Sand Pouring Cylinder (Field Density Apparatus). Pycnometer.
Proctor Compaction apparatus. Universal Soil Automatic Compactor. Proctor Needle.
Permeability apparatus. Direct Shear apparatus. Constant Volume Mould..
Flow Table. Consolidation Apparatus. Constant Pressure System.
Consolidometer. Laboratory CBR Apparatus & Accessories. CBR Load Frame.
CBR Mould. Penetration Piston. Unconfined Compression Test Apparatus.
Rammer 2.6 Kg. Rammer 4.89 Kg. Dial Gauge.
Field CBR Test Apparatus. Plate Bearing Test Apparatus. Load Truss up to 500 KN.
Dynamic Cone Penetrometer. High Tensile Proving Ring 2000 KN. Compression Proving Ring up to 50 KN.
Auger Head. SPT (Standard Penetration Test Apparatus). Split Spoon Sampler.
Drive Weight. Guide Pipe Assembly Tripod Stand.
'A' Drill Rod. Universal Extractor Frame. Soil Trimmer.
Vane Shear Apparatus.. Liquid Limit Device Vicat Needle Apparatus