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Lyophilizer / Deep Dryer.

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We are the leading manufacturers & Exporters of lyophilizer / Freeze Dryer. The Freeze Dryer /lyophilizer, housed in a super structure steel frame it is mounted on swivel casters. Complete with Perspex see through lid, gasket and control instruments i.e. Digital Temperature Controller for measurement. The Freeze Dryer /lyophilizer unit made out of hermetically sealed compressor High grade PUF INSULATED between outer and inner chamber for minimal thermal losses. Condenser Trap: All non-magnetic stainless steel fabricated, argon welded, dished-bottom for complete effluent removal. Refrigeration coils made of copper bonded to outside of condenser heavily insulated. Temp. upto - 40 C at ambient temperature of 20 C is maintained through a Digital Temperature Indicator cum Controller. Vacuum Drum has 6 or 12 port manifold (Main drying chamber) made of stainless steel non-magnetic grade with Perspex top cover. (CFC free and puff insulated)