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Laboratory Testing Machine.

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We offering different Laboratory equipments which are durable in construction, these products find their usage in various industries for conducting regular testing and Quality control.

The below is some of the list of equipments.

Hot Air Oven. Incubator.
Water Bath. Distillation Apparatus.
Furnace. Hot Plate.
Deep Freezer. Ultra Deep Freezer.
Laboratory Pipette. Shaking Machines.
Seed Germinators. General Laboratory Equipments.
Centrifuge. Eletronic Lab Instruments.
Ph Meter. Conductivity Meter.
Spectrophotometer. Chemistry Analyzer.
Laminar Air Flow Cabinets. Laboratory Stirrer.
Agri Sector Equipments. Laboratory Clamps.
Fume Hood. Kinematic Viscometer Bath.
Magnetic Stirrer. Laboratory Autoclave.
Loss on heating Thin Film Oven. Lypholizer.
BOD Incubator. Walk in Incubator.
Rotary Vacuum Pump. Environmental Chamber.

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Refrigerated Insulation & Freezing in one unit.

Better mineral & Puf Insulated to keep the surface Temp. of body comfortable & avoid Cooling loss.

Silent energy saving Kirloskar/ Tecumseh compressor, Designed to circulate uniform air through out the chamber with better imported coil condenser copper coil, improved Temperature distribution.

Polish 304 grade S. Steel interior corrosion resistant long life operation having adjustable shelves to make more space for different Height. Kanthal A-1 tubular heater is fitted for better accuracy.

Safety Controller are provide with the Digital Temperature Controller Cum Indicator.

Full features with Digital Temp. Controller Cum Indicator & Microprocessor Based PID Temperature Controller Cum Indicator with Voltmeter (Optional : Digital Voltmeter).

Choose among the model with window front glass door or inner Perspex / Acrylic sheet full view door to observe the Test Process inside the incubator as desired while keep Temp. uninterrupted.

Angle Iron Frame at bottom with castor wheel for easy movement.

Fitted with 2 Nos. Fan (One for Cooling & One for Heating inside the chamber).