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Educational Physics Chemistry Biology Instruments

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Physics Section.
CR-GL-633. Stop Clock and Watches.
CR-GL-639. Demonstration model of vernier caliper.
CR-GL-641. Micrometer (screw gauge.
CR-GL-642 Demonstration model for Micrometer.
CR-GL-643. Spherometer.
CR-GL-644. Demonstration model for Spherometer.
CR-GL-645. Meter scale: One meter .
CR-GL-646. Half Meter scale.
CR-GL-647. Slotted weights Brass.
CR-GL-649. Slotted weight Iron
CR-GL-650. Slotted weight Iron black grey painted.
CR-GL-651. Fortins Barometer. Brass pipe & fittings Without Mercury
CR-GL-652. Aneroid Barometer.
CR-GL-653. Boyles Law apparatus.
CR-GL-654. Boyles Law Tube.
CR-GL-655. Stewart & Gee apparatus.
CR-GL-656. G-Clamps
CR-GL-656a. Spring constant app: Metal stand with fixed half meter scale, spring & 5x50 Gm slotted weight. Complete set.
CR-GL-657. Spare spiral spring: For spring Constant app.
CR-GL-658. Young Modulus(Searle’s): with dead weight.
CR-GL-659. Young Modulus(Searle’s) Brass .
CR-GL-660. Parallelogram Force Apparatus.
CR-GL-661. Parallelogram Board: Wall Type
CR-GL-662. Spare Pulley: ‘Z’ type .
CR-GL-663. Torsion Pendulum: Brass Disc 12.5 Cm dia
CR-GL-663a. Torsion Apparatus: Half Meter
CR-GL-664. Pulleys: .
CR-GL-665. Inclined Plane.
CR-GL-666. Hooks Law apparatus Metal stand on Mirror scale without weights .
CR-GL-667. Pendulum Bobs: set of 6 different metalss.
CR-GL-668. Metal cylinders
CR-GL-669. Hydrostatic Bench.
CR-GL-670. Watts Governor: Model
CR-GL-671. Bending of Beam apparatus.
CR-GL-672. Bifilar pendulum Complete set, wall mounted.
CR-GL-673. Bar Pendulum, 1 Meter.
CR-GL-673a. Viscosity app stokes fall method.
CR-GL-673b. Moment of inertia: of a circular disc
CR-GL-674. Hare’s apparatus.
CR-GL-675. U’ Tube apparatus
CR-GL-678. Pascal’s Law apparatus.
CR-GL-680. Dry Cell.
CR-GL-681. Lead Accumulator: 2V, 45Ah, Globe.
CR-GL-685. Daniel Cell: Complete with jointless copper vessel, porous pot and zinc rod.
CR-GL-688a. Daniel Cell: Electronic
CR-GL-687. Lechlanche Cell: Complete with filled porous pot and zinc rod.
CR-GL-688. Copper Plates
CR-GL-689. Zinc Rod.
CR-GL-689a. Zinc Plate.
CR-GL-690. Porous Pot.
CR-GL-691. Copper Voltameter.
CR-GL-693. Crocodile Clips
CR-GL-694. Ebonite Rod 12”.
CR-GL-696. Electric Motor: Working model with Newton colour Disc
CR-GL-697. Electric Call Bell: Working Model(Demonstration Model).
CR-GL-698. Dynamo model: Wheel type working model.
CR-GL-699. Ohms law apparatus: With Rheostat DC Meter&Potentiometer in cabinet.
CR-GL-700. Plug Key.
CR-GL-701. Commutator: Four way
CR-GL-702. Reversible Switch.
CR-GL-703. POHL’S Commutator: On Ebonite base
CR-GL-704. Tapping Key.
CR-GL-707. Joule’s Calorimeter.
CR-GL-709. Rheostat: 4.3 cm dia tube superior quality available in different ratings.
CR-GL-710. Grooving type Rheostat: Superior, Permanenent Type.
CR-GL-711. Resistance Boxes: Plug Type
CR-GL-712. Fractional Resistance Box: Plug Type.
CR-GL-713. Resistance Box: Dial Type
CR-GL-714. Post Office Box: Plug Type having three pairs of ratio.
CR-GL-715. Post Office Box: Plug Type having three pairs of ratio
CR-GL-716. Unknown Resistance: For use of Specific resistance of wire.
CR-GL-717. High Resistance
CR-GL-718. Meter Bridge: With Pencil Jockey.
CR-GL-719. Meter Bridge: With spring Jockey.
CR-GL-721. Deluxe Model Meter Bridge: Made from permanent particle board, both side sunmica with pencil jockey .
CR-GL-722. Potentiometer:
a. With pencil jockey
b. With spring Jockey
CR-GL-723. Potentiometer10 wire Superior Quality
CR-GL-727. Multimeter.
CR-GL-728. Voltmeter
CR-GL-729. Milli Voltmeter.
CR-GL-730. Ammeter
CR-GL-731. Milli Ammeter.
CR-GL-732. Micro Ammeter
CR-GL-733. Galvanometer.
CR-GL-735. Bakelite Case.
CR-GL-736. Digital Voltmeter with bright LED display.
CR-GL-737. Digital Ammeter with bright LED display.
CR-GL-738. Digital Galvanometer with LED display
CR-GL-738a. Digital Multimeter.
CR-GL-739. Battery Eliminators
CR-GL-741. Sodium Vapour Lamp 35W.
CR-GL-742. Sodium Vapour Lamp 55 W
CR-GL-743. Sodium Vapour lamp Transformer.
CR-GL-744. Sodium Lamp Housing.
CR-GL-745. Mercury Vapour Lamp.
CR-GL-746. Copper Wire
CR-GL-747. Resistance Wire.
CR-GL-748. Nichrome Wire.
CR-GL-749. Steel Wire.
CR-GL-751. Logic Gate Apparatus: AND & OR, Combined.
CR-GL-752. Transistor Characteristic apparatus: with four Meters
CR-GL-753. Semi Conductor Diode: with four Meters.
CR-GL-754. Daniel Cell
CR-GL-755. Lechlanche Cell.
CR-GL-757. Bar Magnets: Permanent Alnico alloy
CR-GL-759. Horse Shoe Magnet.
CR-GL-760. Magnetic Compass
CR-GL-762. Compass Marines
CR-GL-763. Deflection Magnetometer.
CR-GL-766. Tangent Galvanometer.
CR-GL-769. Vibration Magnetometer.
CR-GL-770. Magnetic Needle on stand
CR-GL-771. Dip Circle.
CR-GL-772. Mariner’s Compass
CR-GL-773. Tuning Fork: Set of 8.
CR-GL-776. Rubber pad for Tuning Fork
CR-GL-777. Rubber Hammer for Tuning Fork.
CR-GL-778. Sonometer.
CR-GL-779c. Knife edge.
CR-GL-780. Resonance Column Apparatus
CR-GL-782. Wave Motion Apparatus.
CR-GL-783. Melde’s Apparatus.
CR-GL-784. Temperature Co-Efficient Coil.
CR-GL-785. Coppor Colorimeter.
CR-GL-787. Spherical Calorimeter
CR-GL-788. Joules Calorimeter.
CR-GL-790. Steam Boiler
CR-GL-792. Ball & Ring Apparatus.
CR-GL-793. Lee’s Disc Apparatus
CR-GL-793a. Newton law of Cooling.
CR-GL-794. Lenses
a. Convex
b. Concave
CR-GL-795. Mirrors: 50 mm dia.
CR-GL-796. Mirror Strips.
CR-GL-797. Mirror Strips Stand.
CR-GL-798. Glass Slab.
CR-GL-799. Glass Prism
CR-GL-800. Spectrometer Prism: Equilateral, Two faced polished.
CR-GL-801. Hollow Glass prism
CR-GL-802. Diffraction Grating.
CR-GL-805. Newton Ring Apparatus
CR-GL-806. Liquid Lens Needle.
CR-GL-807. Lens Holder
CR-GL-808. Lens Screen.
CR-GL-809. Wire Gauze Screen.
CR-GL-813. White Screen.
CR-GL-814. Kaleidoscope.
CR-GL-815. Optical Bench
CR-GL-816. Astronomical Telescope.
CR-GL-817. Terrestrial Telescope
CR-GL-818. Lamp Box.
CR-GL-819. Single Optical Lever
CR-GL-820. Air Wedge plate set.
CR-GL-821. Lens kit for Telescope
CR-GL-822. Newton Colour Disc.
CR-GL-823. Newton Colour Disc: with driving Wheel etc.
CR-GL-824. Reading Telescope: Complete with Perspex scale and clamp etc.
CR-GL-826. Spectrometer 6”.
CR-GL-828. Spectrometer 7”
CR-GL-835. Digital DC Microvolt Meter.
CR-GL-835a. Digital Nanometer
CR-GL-835b. Digital Picoammeter.
CR-GL-835c. Hall effect experiment
CR-GL-835e. Digital Gaussmeter.
Protective Gear & Apparel.
CR-GL-985. Lab Coat Standard
CR-GL-986. Lab Coat Deluxe.
CR-GL-987. PVC Coat: For protection from Fumes.
CR-GL-988. PVC Pant: For Protection from Fumes.
CR-GL-989. Asbestos Coat.
CR-GL-990. Lab Aprons
a. Cotton
b. PVC
c. Rubber
CR-GL-991. Asbestos Gloves.
CR-GL-992. Leather Gloves
CR-GL-993. Disposible Plastic Gloves.
CR-GL-997. Googles
CR-GL-1000. Helmets.
CR-GL-1002. Industrial Safety Shoes
CR-GL-1003. Duckback Gum Boot.
CR-GL-1005. Disposible Face Mask.
CR-GL-1005a. Disposible Cap.
CR-GL-1005b. PVC Yellow Mask.
CR-GL-1008. Anti Pollution mask
CR-GL-1010. Educational Maps.
CR-GL-1012. Charts
CR-GL-1014. Geography Charts.
CR-GL-1016. Globes and Geography
CR-GL-1018. Health & Hygiene Charts.
CR-GL-1020. Human Physiology Models
CR-GL-1022. Charts on Human Physiology
CR-GL-1024. Display Systems.
CR-GL-1026. Visual Teaching Aids
CR-GL-1028. Slides.
CR-GL-1030. Other Educational Models
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