Heat Transfer Laboratory Equipments Manufacturers in india, Laboratory Apparatus exporters in india

Heat Transfer Laboratort Equipments

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We are the pioneers in Heat transfer equipments Laboratory Equipments. Our wide range of heat transfer Lab Equipments requires minimum maintenance. These are known for their consistent and effective operation. Our wide range of heat transfer equipment comprises of :-

Composite Walls Apparatus ( With cooling plate)

Composite Walls Apparatus ( Without cooling plate)

Lagged Pipe Apparatus( With cooling Arrangment)

Lagged Pipe Apparatus( Without cooling Arrangement )

Heat Pipe Demonstrator

Critical Radius of Insulating Material

Pin Fin Apparatus

Natural Convection Apparatus

Forced Convection Apparatus

Specific Heat of Air Apparatus

Heat Transfer in Agitated Vessel

Emmisivity Measurement Apparatus

Stefan Boltzmann Apparatus

Critical Heat Flux Apparatus

Concentric Tube Heat Exchanger

a) Plain Tube Type ( Water to Water )

b)Finned Tube Type (Water to Air )

Shell & Tube Heat Exchanger

Plate Type Heat Exchanger Apparatus

Thermal Conductivity Of Metal Rod

Thermal Conductivity Of Insulating Powder

Thermal Conductivity Of Liquid

Thermal Conductivity by Guarded Hot Plate Method

Thermocouple Calibration Test Rig

Cross Flow Heat Exchanger

Unsteady State of Heat Transfer Apparatus

Condensation in Drop & Film Forms