Concrete Testing Equipments.

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We offer to our clients a superior range of high performing and accurate concrete testing equipments, which are widely used in various construction Laboratory and field applications. These equipments are made as per BS, ASTM & IS standards. Some of the instruments offered in the category include :

Compression Testing Machine upto 3000 KN

Flexure Testing (BS 1881, ASTM C78)

Concrete Pereability

Pocket Penetrometer

Cone Penetrometer (BS 1377)

Concrete Test Hammer

Dynamic Cone Penetrometer

Cube Moulds (BS 1881)

Beam Moulds

Cylinder Mould

Prism Mould

Capping Set (BS 1881, ASTM C617)

Vibrating Table

Riffle Sample Divider (BS 1377,1924; ASTM C136)

Deval Abrasion Testing Machine (ASTM D 2, D 289)

Dorry Abrasion Testing Machine. (BS:812)

Los Angles Abrasion Testing Machine (ASTM C 131)

Aggregate Impact Value Apparatus (BS 812)

Jaw Crusher Laboratory

Pulveriser Laboratory

Roll Crushers

Laboratory Concrete Mixers

Length Gauge (BS 812)

Elongation Gauge (BS 812)

Cylindrical Measure

Aggregate Crushing Value Apparatus (BS 812)

Tile Flexture Strength Tester (IS : 654, IS: 1257 & IS : 1706)

Tile Abrasion Testing Machine (IS 1237 & 1706)

Planetary Mixer (Mortar Mixer)

Density Basket

Multi Flow Pan Mixer

Portable Vibrating Needle

Accelerated Curing Tank

Curing Tank Refrigerated

Tensile Strength Tester- Manual

Tensile Strength Tester Electrically operated

Longitudinal Compressometer

Vee Bee Consistometer